This Tutorial is ©Cinnamon2006. It is written for PSP version9. I have included lots of screenshots as I found that extreamly helpful when I first started out. To do this tut you will need certain freeware plugins. Vizros Plugin and Eye Candy 3.1(optional) which is now freeware. If you don't find it at the link provided try doing a search on google or yahoo for it. And you will need a seemless texture or you can create your very own seemless texture with another free program called Reptile

This tutorial is written with the beginner/intermediate psp user in mind. I have PSP9 but if you have reasonable knowledge of your version it could be applicable to other versions. Lets get to our work!

Create a new Image 500x500, 200resolution , 16 million color depth, Transparent BG , Raster Layer as shown here:

This gives us a nice big area to work in.


2a-Create a new layer by click on the "create new layer" icon in your layer palette.

2b-Name it Box, This is the layer we willl be working with. make sure it is the layer selected in your layer palette.

2c-Using your Selection Tool (aka dancing ants)

Click and drag cursor to select a square in the left upper quarter of your image. Doesn't need to be perfect or any special size, just make it look about like this.

2d-Flood Fill your selection. Click on your Materials Palette and choose the Pattern icon.

Click on the pattern shown.This will open up a menu where you choose your pattern that we will use for your floodfill. A lighter texture might be better.

Click on the current pattern and a drop down menu will appear, choose your texture and the options shown below. To Load more patterns into your PSP program save extra patterns you make or download to your patterns folder. For example mine is located at C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My PSP Files\Patterns. After you choose a pattern Click OK.

Choose the Flood Fill Icon from the tools bar.

2e. FloodFill your square selection with your texture. Your image should like about like this:

3. Next go to Effects>Plugins>Vizros 4 and your plugin should open up. Choose these settings:

3a- What we are left with is this:

Go to Selections and click Select None or you can hit Ctrl+D instead.This will get rid of the "dancing ants" because we no longer need that selection.

3b- We don't want that white background that vizros creates when it makes the box. Got to your tools palette and change the selection tool to the Magic Wand and choose these options:

Click on the white area with your magicwand tool and the dancing ants will be around your image, Now hit the delete button on your keyboard to get rid of the white. Hit Ctrl+D to Select None.

Now we have our basic present shape. That was the easy part. Making the ribbon is harder to do. Save this file as a psp image just incase you need to reload it. Take a break and then start on the ribbon.
Making the Ribbon

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