How To: MFD Blue Danube in DAZ 1.5

2 installation methods included in this how to.
To use these textures you must have one of the Morphing Fantasy Dress's from DAZ. It was produced using the V4 MFD.

folders included:
MFDbluedanubeDAZ folder (these are the textures)
mfdbluedanubematerials folder (these are your mat pose files)
MFDbluedanube folder (these are the bonus lights I used to create the example images)


To install these files to your default Daz file locations unzip them to these file paths as structured in the so:

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\MFDbluedanubeDAZ

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Materials\mfdbluedanubematerials

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Lights\MFDbluedanube


Sometimes finding the files to use is the hardest part,lol. So I will do my best to explain.
Ok, once you've installed the files, load up your DAZ 1.5 and load your MFD object. Then in your content tab scroll down to the Studio folder (the funny looking one) and go to your Materials folder and there you should find a folder named "mfdbluedanubematerials". The mat poses are in there. To apply MAT pose select the Fantasy Dress in your Scene Tab and apply mat pose to it.
The Bonus lights are found the same way, just in the Lights folder named "MFDbluedanube".

I incuded some screen shots below to try to explain better, as sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words.

Alternate Install:

Or another method to install files is to unzip the file to where ever you want to (and can remember). Then copy the MFDbluedanubeDAZ folder containing the textures to C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\ That is so the mat pose file knows where to find the textures. Open your DAZ 1.5, go to EDIT and bring up the Preferences menu and using the Directories tab,Daz Studio content, ADD button and then browse to where ever you unzipped it and click apply and accept. Then go to your Content tab and scroll down to it and then all your files for that item are in one place, thus easier to find.

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